Fighting The Resistance

As you sit down to learn something new like programming, you’re going to have a natural resistance that prevents you from putting in the work. This can take many forms such as more desirable things we could be doing, double-thinking the value you’re providing to yourself, and much more.

The simple truth is that you must treat your dream like a full-time job. If you are seeking a new opportunity such as a career change, creating a new business, or seeing your ideas come alive for first time, you must get serious about it. You cannot treat your dream like a hobby. It must be something you are passionate about. Your life revolves around this dream, and you can’t stop talking about how much this means to you.

However you should know that every single person on this planet struggles with the natural resistance. Tim might struggle with motivation to go to the gym every morning. Amy might struggle with what’s her next big move at work. It’s much like the little voice in your head telling you that the risk is not worth the pursuit, when in fact you are good enough and you can start today in order to make your dreams come true.

Our little voice in our heads manifests itself from fear of failure, procrastination, self-doubt, and uncertainty. You cannot let the voice be the excuse to not pursue your dreams.

You can fight the resistance by ensuring you make the time to work on your dream every single day, and then simply show up.

Your dream will not be the same as others. In fact you have a different calling in the world than most people. Some of us are software developers, some want to perform stand-up, and others want to write books. Finding your territory is key in what defines you.

As you put the work into your territory, you will be seen as an authority. You will gain the recognition in meaningful ways. In other words, you will get back however much you decide to put in.