The Secret to Becoming a Software Engineer

Over the past 3 years, I've learned a lot about what it takes to help aspiring developers land software jobs. And you know what? There's no secret. It's mostly just a matter of:

  1. Choosing the right skills to learn.
  2. Rapidly learning new skills.
  3. Repeating this for 6-12 months.

That's all it takes. I can guarantee that if you follow this simple, 3-part formula, your life will change in ways you can't imagine. You'll learn incredibly useful skills you can take anywhere, land one of the most respected jobs in tech, and you'll even make a career out of it.

But sadly, as with all things, getting started and maintaining passion & perseverance is easier said than done.

This is hard. It takes a lot of work. But it's also really fun, and if you can make it work, it's genuinely life-changing.

"A Practical Approach To Getting Started in the tech industry"

Part-Time Programmer

Learn how to become a Software Engineer in 6-12 months and transform your life into a sustainable, income-generating career.

Without quitting your day job 😉

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