10 Best Job Preparation Books

This is my list of the 10 best job preparation books. These are the books to help you understand whiteboard problems, interview processes, and what you should focus on in preparing for a job.

Cracking the Code Interview

by Gayle Laakmann McDowell


The Book in Three Sentences: Learn how to demonstrate your knowledge of algorithms and write code on a whiteboard to impress hiring managers everywhere. Whether you struggle with breaking down problems into smaller problems or understanding core CS concepts, this book is for you.

Elements of Programming Interviews

by Adnan AzizTsung-Hsien LeeAmit Prakash


The Book in Three Sentences: Practical real-world problems and applications that can be learned and coded in an interview. A wonderful complement to any data structures and algorithms knowledge you have.

The Algorithm Design Manual

by Steven S S. Skiena


The Book in Three Sentences: A bit more theory involved, this book walks you through designing various algorithms for different situations and problems. Wonderful for seeing how you may approach a real-world problem head-first.