Stay Grounded

What is the one thing that keeps you grounded? In other words, if I were to ask you to name one thing that you do everyday, that no matter the circumstance, you would go crazy if you were not able to do it, what would it be?

If you don’t have something today, pick one thing that is really special to you today.

Here’s the secret, protect it at all costs.

This is the one thing that you absolutely cannot go without in your day. For example if you enjoy a 30 minute run everyday, you must always do it because it grounds you. It doesn’t matter where you’re at, what time of day it is, how sleepy you might be, you do it because it grounds you.

With the crazy whirlwind that is known as life, sometimes we have days where your one thing is in jeopardy. In situations like this, your number one priority is your one thing. You should strive to put this on the forefront of any chaos that ensues that day. Keep this in mind when protecting your one thing:

The simpler the thing is to complete, the more likely it will be completed.

Going back to the example of going for a 30 minute run, how can you make running simpler? The key here is to prepare your environment. Get out your running shoes, shirt, and shorts and put them in a place that will remind you every time you pass by them throughout the day.

Not only can you prepare your environment, but you can also associate an action with your one thing. By doing this you are able to get into a flow state and just do the thing without thinking about it. For example, as you leave for work each day, you might associate the action of leaving with your 30 minute run.

Whatever your one thing is, make damn sure that you protect it at all costs.